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Bringing Cheer to Our Community Through Service!

Vikings Community Cheerleading, located in University Place, Washington, is a non-profit, recreational cheerleading squad for ages 6-18. We were founded in 2009 on the belief that cheerleading can and should promote positive values, build self-esteem, and foster a sense of community. VCC is dedicated to supporting and promoting our local Junior Vikings Football teams, providing community service in and around University Place, and cheering competitively at a recreational level. 

2023 The Quest National Champions in the L1 12Y Traditional Rec Division

AND the L2.1 10-18Y Traditional Rec Division

Undefeated and State Champions in the Junior Non-Tumbling Division

in 2021-2022 AND 2022-2023.

3rd place at State in the Junior Tumbling division in 2019.


Motivators. Educators. Mentors.



Head Coach

Hi, I am Kaylee Ness, I am 24 years old, and I am the Head Coach of Vikings Community Cheer. I graduated Pacific Lutheran University in spring of 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and I am now a 1st grade teacher in Franklin Pierce School District. I have been involved in cheer since I was in seventh grade where I started out on University Place Junior Vikings. I then moved on to cheer for the Curtis Junior High School 9th grade Varsity team, an Allstar Competitive team from ages 15 to 19 years old, and the Curtis High School Varsity cheer team my Junior and Senior years. I have experienced 5 seasons of sideline cheer, 5 seasons of school and recreational competitive cheer, and 4 years of Allstar Competitive Cheer. I have had the opportunities to be a member of teams that competed in High School Cheerleading State and Nationals both years I competed, and in Allstar Nationals and Summit twice. In March 2023, myself, alongside my assistant coach as the time, led our two competition teams to be undefeated National Champions for the first time in program history and undefeated State Champs for 2 years running! I am also certified in stunting and tumbling through WSCCA. I wanted to stress that while I may be considered a young coach, I bring a lot of new and fresh ideas to VCC. I am responsible and dedicated and want nothing more than to see Vikings Community Cheer succeed. I am looking forward to bringing my love for cheer, and my years of knowledge and experience, into my seventh season coaching VCC to continue to help kids grow and be involved in their community.



Assistant Coach

Hello, I am Vanessa Barry the new assistant coach of Vikings Community Cheer. I graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2014 with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Since graduating, I have taught kindergarten for 9 years in the Franklin Pierce school district. My love for cheer started later in my life, but better late than never! I was a varsity cheerleader at Franklin Pierce High School my senior year where I gained experience in sideline and competitive cheer. I also helped start, grow, and develop the cheer program at SPU. Although I don’t have a lot of cheer experience, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to get involved with cheer in a different way. As a teacher, I have gained a lot of experience in working with kids and I will use that to help our athletes develop their skills and love for cheer. I am excited for the upcoming season and all the growth that will be made!




Hi, I am Michelle Goforth and this is my daughter’s fourth year cheering for VCC. Natalie fell in love with VCC at the first practice. Ever since then, I am loving seeing her confidence grow and the friendships that she is building along the way. I am honored to serve on the board this year to help support this organization! I cannot wait to see what this season brings for my daughter and her team. Go Viks!




The last thing I ever thought I'd be is a cheer mom! My daughter, Zaryah, fell in love on day one, watching her work so hard and seeing her confidence grow made me fall right along with her. VCC's commitment to inclusion, building up with positive encouragement and community service, is what makes it an organization I am proud to be a part of. 💙




My name is Tai and this is my daughter’s second year of cheer. She fell in love immediately and has blossomed so much from day 1. We love the comradery and friendship the team has created among all the girls. I’m here to serve on the board to support and help the organization be the best it can be. Go Viks!



Live to Cheer

Each year as spring begins, Vikings Community Cheerleading begins preparation for our sideline season cheering on the Junior Vikings Football teams. Practices begin in May with a summer break at the end of June. We resume in July and continue our season practices through the end of September. We cheer at both home and away games every Saturday starting at the end of August through the end of October.

VCC cheers for the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade Vikings football teams. We split our squad into three teams then assign each squad to cheer at one grade-level game each weekend, rotating which grade-levels we cheer for every weekend. For this, we use a rotation schedule, so each week the grade that each squad cheers for changes to allow our cheerleaders to experience cheering for different football teams. Since we cheer on a rotation schedule, we unfortunately cannot place our cheerleaders to cheer only for siblings/family members games.

To be eligible to cheer with VCC, all interested participants must be at least 6 years of age as of August 31st. The sideline team for VCC is no-cut, so we welcome all who are interested. Throughout the season, we expect that our cheerleaders demonstrate extreme dedication and positive attitudes working towards uplifting each other and their community. 


Born to Compete

Each year as the sideline season begins, Vikings Community Cheerleading also starts preparation for our competition season. Practices begin in mid-May with a summer break at the end of June through the end of July, then we resume in July and continue our season through March of the following year. We participate in

5-6 competitions in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area between December and February. There is an additional fee for competition that varies from year to year.

To be eligible to compete with VCC, all cheerleaders must have actively participated in the current year’s sideline season and be 8 years of age as of August 31st. The cheerleaders must have also demonstrated extreme dedication and positive attitudes throughout the entirety of the sideline season. We do reserve the right to ask cheerleaders to sit out for competition season if we are noticing a lack of dedication and/or skill level that is below the rest of the team, but we will always give cheerleaders an opportunity first.


* Youth Rec 12 and under

* Junior/Senior Rec 18 and under


* 2022-2023 Undefeated National Champs Traditional L1 12y       

* 2022-2023 Undefeated National Champs Traditional L2.1 10-18y

* 2022-2023 Undefeated and State Champs

* 2021-2022 Undefeated and State Champs

* 2019 3rd Place Junior State



University Place Area

Spring/Summer Location - Cirque Park

Sideline: Tues. 6-8 pm and Thurs. 6-7 pm

Competition: Mon. 6-8 pm and Thurs. 7-8 pm

Fall/Winter Location - Olympic View Baptist Church


  • Sideline: Thurs. 6-8pm

  • Youth Competition

    • Tues. 5-6:30pm and Wed. 5-6:30pm

  • Junior Competition

    • Tues. 6:30-8:30pm and Wed. 6:30-8:30pm

October - March:

  • Youth Competition:

    • Tues. 5-6:30pm and Wed. 5-6:30pm

  • Junior Competition:

    • Tues. 6:30-8:30pm and Wed. 6:30-8:30pm

Event Registration

  • 2023-2024 Sideline Season Registration
    May 05, 10:39 PM – May 07, 10:38 PM
    Due 5/7
    Sideline Registration is now open!


Click to Download Forms

Registration for the 2023-2024 cheer season is CLOSED

Please check back in April 2024 for the 2024-2025 season registration information.


In order to register for the VCC sideline squad, please fill out this form then email it to us at
The cost for the sideline season registration is $200. Head to the events registration page to pay now.


In order to participate in VCC Competition cheer, athletes must have actively participated in the current sideline season and filled out this form in its entirety.


Uniforms. Accessories. Camp Apparel. Season Expenses.

These are estimated prices. Costs vary per season.


$694.00 approx.

This price includes all Varsity items:

  • Uniform shell, skirt, and liner ($285)

  • Warm up jacket and pants set ($155)

  • Sports bra and shorts set ($55)

  • Cheer Shoes ($48)

  • 1 blue, 1 white pom & 1 pink pom ($51)

  • Backpack ($100)


$110.00 approx.

​This price includes required uniform pieces that are separate from the packages:

  • 2 team T-shirts ($30)

  • 2 Sideline bows ($60)

  • Pink socks ($8)

  • Sideline cone ($8)


$480.00 approx.

​This price includes all Varsity items:

  • Uniform top ($70)

  • Uniform shorts ($70)

  • Warm up jacket ($100)

  • Warm up pants ($90)

  • Cheer shoes ($45)


$85 per participant

Includes a T-shirt
(Pre-register to guarantee the correct size - Register on the Spring Interest Camp event on the Upcoming Events page)


$200 per participant

Season registration. Print and fill out the registration form on the registration page or email it to, then head to the upcoming events page to submit your season payment.


$2,200 per participant approx.

  • VCC registration fee ($305)

  • UCA competitions ($345)

  • Bow and shirt ($50)

  • Nationals ($1,500)

If you are interested in joining Vikings Community Cheerleading but need financial assistance, please contact us. We do everything we can to not turn anyone away!

Spirit Shop PIN: 1234


Vikings Community Cheerleading does several community service events throughout the year which include school supply drives, food drives, cleaning up our community, and more!



Every year, VCC participates in the UP duck parade as a way to be involved with the community and show young kids what cheerleading is all about!


In 2023, VCC had the opportunity to participate in the Jr. Daffodil Parade. The athletes got to walk through Proctor District, cheering for their community and showing young kids what our team and cheerleading is all about! 



Every year, Curtis High School hosts the Mother Daughter Tea for moms, daughters, grandmothers, and more to eat lunch together, watch a pageant show, and bid on prize packages. Money goes to donations of all sorts! VCC has had the honor of volunteering at this event by helping with clean up and anything the guests might need.